Why I Bake My Own Bread

Why I Bake My Own Bread


Over the last year or so I’ve moved away from buying store bought bread. I still buy it occasionally if I’m feeling lazy! But most of the time I much prefer to bake my own bread using my trusty Russell Hobbs Breadmaker 18036. A loaf from this machine tastes almost as good as bakery bread and doesn’t take long either.

Why the change though?

Before I began baking bread, I never really got the point of it. It takes longer, is often more expensive and there’s always the risk that it won’t taste nice! After stumbling across some articles, however, I realised there are actually a number of benefits. Some of the most important (in my mind) are:

  1. Lower cost for quality bread. It’s true that a home-baked loaf is probably going to cost more than a £1.20 loaf from Asda. But if you compare it to loaves of similar quality, such as from a bakers, it’s actually very cheap.
  2. Taste. Eating freshly baked bread is one of life’s little joys. My family all love the taste – the only problem is that they expect a loaf most days now!
  3. Health. I’m not sure eating bread is every truly healthy. Home baking allows you to control exactly what goes into your bread though, which is far from the truth with store bought bread. The more I learn about nutrition, the more I want to avoid anything with too many processed ingredients.
  4. “Me Time.” It sounds strange, but I really enjoy the process of breadmaking. The machine does it for me, of course, so I’m fooling myself a little bit! I still enjoy it though – and the resting time is great for having a relaxing bath.
  5. Bread Types. Most breadmakers can make a variety of different types of bread. When you buy from stores, it’s easy to get into a rut of buying the same bread. I find myself looking forward to trying different types of loaf from my breadmaker though.

There is also a feeling of “grounding” that comes with bread making – even with a breadmaker. You’re in control of selecting the type of flour, baking cycle and other ingredients – and at the end you’ve produced something your whole family will enjoy.

And it’s good news that I enjoy baking bread – because my family demands a daily fresh loaf now!



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